MBSR-T “Plus”

MBSR-T ‘Plus’ is a mindfulness based stress reduction and healthy living class specifically designed for those teens who may be struggling with obesity.

The class is 10-weeks long and emphasizes Healthy Living Skills and Mindfulness Practices for teens struggling with weight management or obesity. Prior to the class, each teen will receive a comprehensive health and wellness evaluation including; body composition measurements, fitness assessments and a lifestyle evaluation. Teens in this group will not only learn about the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle for body and mind, but they will also construct and follow-through with a personalized fitness and wellness plan including; healthy nutrition, aerobic exercise, strength training, stretching, sleep hygiene, thoughtful use of technology and mindfulness/meditation. Parents, as positive role models, have been shown to have the greatest impact on their child’s success with leading a healthy lifestyle. *This class includes 2-3 mandatory educational sessions for parents.

About the Instructor:   Wendy Weckstein, P.T., M.Ed. is a Physical Therapist, Wellness Consultant, and a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Teacher for Adults through Brown University. She is also certified in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction for Teens (MBSR-T). Wendy provides health and wellness evaluations, customized wellness programming and healthy living and mindfulness classes for pre-teens, teens and young adults.