What is Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction – MBSR?

MBSR is a highly structured, eight-week, evidence-based program that offers secular, intensive mindfulness training to assist people with a host of stress-related physical, emotional and psychological conditions. MBSR is a practical approach, which uses a combination of mindfulness meditation, body awareness, yoga and the exploration of patterns of behavior, thinking, feeling and action. MBSR was developed at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center in the 1970s by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn and is now offered in over 200 medical centers, hospitals, and clinics around the world.

Since then there has been a tremendous amount of research coming out of Harvard, UCLA, Stanford, UW-Madison and other institutions providing insight into, not only how MBSR is helpful and how MBSR works, but also how it actually can change our brains for the better through positive neuroplasticity. You will find a plethora of this research at the American Mindfulness Research Association or www.goamra.org

The 8- week structured class, along with ongoing practice, trains attention and cultivates awareness, helping us to utilize of our inner resources and providing us with the positive coping tools we need to become strong and resilient in both body and mind.

Mindfulness as defined by Jon Kabbat Zin is:

Paying attention in a particular way, to what is actually happening in the present moment, on purpose and with an attitude of non-judgment.

Viktor Frankl, a Psychiatrist and Holocaust survivor, explains how mindfulness teaches us to pause and bring moment to moment awareness to our thoughts, emotions and bodily sensations in the face of unpleasant stimuli; permitting us to calmly choose to respond thoughtfully instead of simply reacting habitually to life’s inevitable challenges. Most of us, are unaware of this space “between stimulus and response” because we get caught in our habitual patterns of reacting to life.

“Between stimulus and response there’s a space, in that space lies our power to choose our response, in our response lies our growth and our freedom.”

Victor Frankl

The MBSR program helps us become more aware of these habitual reactions and helps us relate to ourselves in a new way, to interrupt this cycle and to create more choice in life.

Northern Michigan Psychiatric Services, PC will be offering MBSR 8-week classes for adults beginning January 30, 2020. For more information or to REGISTER for the adult MBSR 8-Week class call 231-935-0355