Wellness Services


Northern Michigan Psychiatric Services offers a variety of Health and Wellness Services for your child including; health and wellness evaluations, individualized fitness and wellness programming, mindfulness and meditation practices, and healthy living and mindfulness classes.

Developing a healthy lifestyle early on is essential for your children’s body and developing mind. Research has shown that healthy behaviors including; regular exercise, proper nutrition, adequate sleep, thoughtful use of technology and meditation actually fights off illness, prevent chronic disease, increases self-esteem, reduces emotional stress and anxiety, decreases symptoms of depression, enhances mood, prevents social isolation, improves cognitive skills such as, attention, focus and memory, and improves academic success.

Health and Wellness Evaluations

Comprehensive Health and Wellness Evaluations are available for your child, teen or young adult – performed by a Physical Therapist and Certified Wellness Consultant, utilizing developmentally appropriate and standardized testing measures to assess level of fitness, risk for disease and overall lifestyle. Following the evaluation, detailed Wellness Reports are provided including wellness recommendations to help promote lifelong healthy living skills for body and ind including, exercise, nutrition, thoughtful use of technology, sleep hygiene, mindfulness/stress management tools and weight management.

Individual Fitness and Wellness Programming

The Physical Therapist/Wellness Consultant is available to work one-on-one to create a customized wellness plan for your son or daughter. Wellness plans may incorporate recommendations for weight management, healthy nutrition, sleep hygiene, thoughtful use of technology and stress management, mindfulness and meditation, and fitness programming (strength training, flexibility and aerobic exercise). Parents are encouraged to be actively involved in their child’s wellness programming in order to achieve maximal success.

Healthy Living and Mindfulness Classes:

Meditations Include: The 10-Breath Meditation, Brief 4-Minute Sitting Meditation, The Body Scan Meditation,

Meditations include;
The Body Scan Meditation, a Focused Awareness Meditation, the Standing and Lying Down Yoga Sequence and an Open Awareness Meditation


MBSR is a highly structured, eight-week, evidence-based program that offers secular, intensive mindfulness training to assist people with a host of stress-related physical, emotional and psychological conditions.


Stressed Teens, otherwise known as Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction for Teens (MBSR-T), is an 8-week class where teens will learn about the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle, simple and effective mindfulness practices, and realistic ways to incorporate healthy habits into their daily routine.

Parenting, although highly rewarding, can be stressful and at times overwhelming. In today’s day and age, two income or single parent households is the norm, leaving parents exhausted and frazzled by the end of the day.

Healthy Living and Mindfulness for Pre-teens is a highly interactive class specifically designed for adolescents between the ages of 11-14.

MBSR-T “Plus” is a 10-week class emphasizing Healthy Living Skills and Mindfulness Practices for Teens Struggling with Obesity.

Mindful Movement and Meditation for Teens is a 10-week class held throughout the calendar year.